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Fitness is extremely important for everyone, for both today and tomorrow. The main problem facing us today is our inactive lifestyle, and this threatens our health. People who do not get enough exercise suffer all kinds of illnesses.

Many people also get trapped in the vicious circle of too little exercise and therefore not feeling well. They feel lethargic because they do not exercise enough and they don’t move enough because they do not feel good about themselves.


Another negative aspect of our society is our large workload and the increasing number of professions that involve a lot of sitting. This pressure causes people to feel too tired or too stressed to do sports after the day’s work. Yet, both mentally and physically, one feels better after physical exertion. And, if you feel healthier, you can also do more. Your endurance improves and you become the person you want to be.


Why should we work on functional fitness as a preventive measure?

The reasons for working on fitness differ from person to person. Important goals mentioned include: getting in shape, looking good, feeling good about oneself, getting away from it all, losing weight and/or rehabilitation.

PREVENTION of hip & back complaints, prevention of osteoarthritis, optimisation of bone density, cartilage thickening, joint stability, general circulation, prevention of cardiovascular disease, cerebral circulation, prevention of high blood pressure, prevention of hernias, prevention of certain depressions, striving for optimal hormonal balance, better resistance to illnesses in general, faster healing process, …

Below are a number of aspects that can serve as motivation.

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When relaxing, we strive to achieve ‘Spirito Santo in corpora santo’, or a healthy mind in a healthy body. Body and mind are connected with each other and have a strong influence on each other. Physical complaints can arise in our world of daily mental stress. This is why it’s important to strive for spiritual relaxation and we can do this through functional fitness.


Overall fitness is now an established component of rehabilitation. Increasingly, emphasis is being placed the functional improvement of posture and the musculoskeletal system, and the role of fitness here continues to grow. Working with fitness equipment has a number of advantages: The weights are adjusted according to the patient’s capabilities; with proper instructions, everyone can work independently with the prescribed exercises. Working with ‘functional materials’ is more appropriate because it imitates movements that occur in everyday life.



A final goal of achieving functional fitness is to make the body powerful again. In a society with increasing work pressure and a higher degree of performance in ever-shorter periods of time, more and more people feel overstressed. As a result, some can no longer perform their work properly, or even not at all. Fitness provides an answer to this problem with programmes that promote endurance and thus restore a person’s ability to work, in a healthy and energetic way.

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Do sessions have to take place in the Fitness Club? Not at all! I can also provide functional training with you on the tennis court, football field, …, at work or at home, at the seaside, in a forest, …  why not give me a call?

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