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Body perception is one of the fundamental basic motor skills of humans. It is necessary of the development of self-awareness. It is therefore essential for us all to develop an adequate awareness of our own body, know the limits of our body, be aware of both halves of our body and be sufficiently oriented in space.

Functional training lays the basis for spatial thinking, awareness of distance, direction and time, understanding of proportion, and body awareness.


Most people go to the gym and think that the machine will do it for them, but they have no idea at all about their own metabolism, their anatomical make-up, have no coordination or body perception … so their body cannot move efficiently. An immature nervous system … how can you lose weight …

How can you work out to achieve your goals in a healthy way? This is the main role of the Professional Personal Trainer. How do we teach the trainee all these skills … and it’s not just about explaining how a fitness machine works or something like that.

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Fitness is currently no more than a “hype” lost from the get-go. Training with a Personal Trainer, however, stands for developing 3D movement skills, insight into your own body, body awareness, … it’s the only way to find a varied training programme and thus burn fat in a healthy way, working on your body tone, developing a muscular figure to take care of your posture.

Training first addresses posture and condition, then the cardiovascular system, insight into body perception, shape tension and stability and last muscle strength.


Fine motor skills, Body, time and space perception

Stimulation of these skills is often overlooked, but the perception of a space, for example by learning what is in front and behind through play and moments of movement and having the opportunity to work on this functionally with the body, is invaluable for the trainee.

Equilibrium vs. balance

Eye-hand coordination


Eye-foot coordination

Reaction vs. speed


Body perception or the awareness of our body with all its components is an important condition for being able to move purposefully and in a controlled manner.

Time perception or being aware that one can split up movement into a rhythm in time – there is a rhythm in every movement: preloading and unloading

Space perception or knowing what the concepts of space mean (front, back, between, below, on, next to, left, right, diagonal)

Lateralisation also comes to play here. It is very important that the trainee develop a consistent preferred side. Balance training can help with this. This allows you to work on movement integration or cooperation between the two halves of the brain.

Functional training must necessarily address three aspects, namely stability, training according to the myofascial lines and the preloading and unloading of muscles.

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Do sessions have to take place in the Fitness Club? Not at all! We can also do functional training on the tennis court, football field, …, at work or at home, at the seaside, in a forest, …  why not give me a call? PTC Personal Training Rik Termote Roeselare MOBILE NUMBER: 0498 399 280

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