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The Chattanooga Wireless Professional is today’s most advanced electrotherapy unit, offering enhanced ease-of-use and convenience while saving space and time to optimize patient treatment.

Wireless means that we can train wirelessly, take it on a bike, work out outdoors…


By introducing the smart mi-Technology in each module and offering the best in market professional programs, this device reinvents functional rehabilitation as we know it: a combination of e-stim with active exercise allowing you to improve therapy efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Blood flow:  heavy legs, capillarization, cramp prevention, weight loss

Pain relief:  Lumbago, lower back pain, thoracic pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, fracture pain, knee pain, endorphinic

Rehabilitation: amyotrophy, reinforcement, muscle tear, hip prosthesis, rotator cuff, lumbar stabilization

Agonist – Antagonist

Neurological rehabilitation: hemiplegic foot, spasticity

Sports, muscle tone, potentiation: contraction speed, muscle cell endurance, resistance, strength, explosive strength, plyometry, hypertrophy, – lower back reinforcement, core stability, active recovery, recovery plus, – muscle training, toning massage, relaxing massage, antistress massage



You can use this “vibrating” fitness machine to work on your fitness exercises in a doubly efficient way. A vibratory platform requires some practice if you want to use it safely and in a healthy way. Exercise done on it is very intense, and if you do not have enough practice using it, you could injure yourself. Fat is converted into muscle mass. People who want to work on their figure use the vibratory platform very frequently.

Bone density, blood flow, spinal positioning, muscle strengthening, balance and stability, cellulite reduction, organ massage, muscle tone, etc.


What is a vibratory platform?

A vibratory platform is a fitness device with a vibrating plate you stand on. When the plate starts to vibrate, it puts your body out of balance. This makes your body contract the muscles to bring your body back into balance. In the fitness centre, a full workout can be done on the vibratory platform. You can also use the vibratory platform as a supplement to your regular physical training. This will make your overall training programme much more efficient and yield better results.


Exercising on the vibratory platform: health risks?

Training on a vibratory platform will make your workout twice as efficient. In principle, anyone can use a vibratory platform. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women or people prone to back or knee injuries. In any case, one should always seek advice before using a vibratory platform. A physical therapist or PT can guide you on how to use it in a healthy way. When on a vibratory platform, it’s important to pay attention to your posture and to make sure you’re putting even weight on all the muscle groups.


Why work out on a vibratory platform?

Working out on a vibratory platform can help firm up and slim down your figure. This is made possible through the conversion of fat mass to muscle mass. This is why many women prefer using the vibratory platform, because it can help eliminate orange-peel skin or cellulite. The vibratory platform also improves the flow of blood throughout the body. Working out on a vibratory platform will not, however, improve your physical fitness much. For this, you still have to do aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling or swimming.


Is the vibratory platform for young and old alike?

The vibratory platform is safe to use for all age categories, by both men and women. Most people use the vibratory platform to get rid of their excess kilograms. To work out all of the muscle groups, physical therapists or sports doctors advise many patients to use the vibratory platform for rehabilitation after an accident or a serious sports injury.


Exercises on the vibratory platform and frequency

The best known exercise on the vibratory platform is the “squat”. In this exercise, you work on your buttock and thigh muscles by moving up and down on your legs. Exercises for the arms, back and chest are also compatible with the vibratory platform. In the world of women’s fitness, these are called L(egs), B(ums) and T(ums) workouts. These exercises should be done on the vibrating plate up to 3 times a week for half an hour each. The reason why you don’t need to do them more often is because your muscles will produce lactic acid much faster due to the high training intensity. You should give your body the necessary rest after working out on a vibratory platform.


Vibratory platform in support of a full workout

The ideal combination for athletes is to use the vibratory platform as a supplement to endurance training. Thus, physical fitness is built up with the aerobic sport, and the muscle groups are then strengthened with the exercises on the vibratory platform. Another nice advantage is that your body fat will be converted into muscle. In time, your metabolism – due to the increased muscle mass – will start to burn more, so that you will gradually lose a few kilograms as well.


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